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Extreme Dogs Halftime show

Extreme Dogs Halftime show

Extreme Dogs has had an amazing 2019 tour season.  With two touring units in full sold out routing across the country, it's no wonder Extreme Dogs is the most sought after sport dog show out there - hitting major fairs like the Maryland State Fair, Utah State Fair, Montana Fair, San Diego County Fair, and Red River Ex to name a few.  Along with that, we've been proud to present at both the CFL (Canadian Football League) and NFL as headline halftime show features.  

In between show performances, our team has excelled in competing in major world championships, gaining 1st ranking positions.  

2020 will be yet another growth year for Extreme Dogs and we're already excited for the extended list of new clients like Houston Livestock and Rodeo and Florida State Fair, as well as returning to awesome events like the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and the National Western Stock Show in Denver.