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Top Ventriloquists in the world

One of our favourite variety arts is truly that of a Ventriloquist.   Truly magical if and when the perfomer can bring the dummy to life.   Technical skill along with brilliant comedy have made some of the listed ranking in the highest paid entertainers on the planet.    Here's a list of some of the top ranking ventriloquists working today when considering an entertainer for your upcoming event.

Fresh off the 2017 season of America's Got Talent, Darci Lynn won the hearts of voters to become the winner.  We're thrilled for her and the career ahead of her

Jeff Dunham needs no introduction.  With a cult following and sold out arenas it's no wonder this star along with his cast is one of the most reconized ventriloquists working today.

Ronn Lucas.  One of our personal favourites and a close friend.   His techical ability is truly the best of the best.  With a smash hit show at the Rio Casino in Las Vegas, and a tour schedule that would blow your mind, consider Ronn Lucas for any upcoming special events

Terry Fator.  Another America's Got Talent Winner.  Headlining at the Mirage hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, this combination of hilarious comedy and vocal singing is a sure no brainer when visiting the great city.

Paul Zerdin from across the pond.  Another Got Talent super star winner.  This UK Ventriloquist is a fantastic blend of comedy with his cast of characters

Lynn Trefzger is by far one of the best ventriloquists working today.  You may see her around the country performer in theatres coast to coast.  Truly one of the best.

David Strassman.  A massive star down under, David Strassman brings unique character developement, dark and hilarious humour to the mix.  Love love love David Strassman.

Willie Tyler.   I grew up watching him on the Super Dave show and still to this date he was a great inspiration for his abilty to create a wonderful illusion blended with comedy.  One of our favs

Mike Robinson from Canada.  "boom".  If you're ever had the chance to see this guy, you'll know what we're talking about.  The top ranking Cruise Line Ventriloquist without question.  Take a cruise just to see this man.  So so great.  and a world class magician to boot.

These are ones to consider when thinking of your next event and we at FUSION talent group will be happy to assist in finding that perfect entertainer for your needs.   

For more information of booking ventriloquists contact and ask for either Allyson or Andrew Pogson aka Freddy Fusion