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Entertainers beware of AZULTRA fundraising company

Entertainers beware of a scam from Arizona Fundraising company AZ Ultra Fundraising.   Rick Beck, Kim Beck, Ricky Beck, Chris Beck, Andrea Beck, Jin are all involved with the school fundraising company in Arizona.    Andrew Pogson under the stage name Freddy Fusion did work with the Rick Beck for over a month in the phoenix area and still has yet to be paid with false promises and delays.   Other performers as well have be dealt the same hand by Rick Beck and his son Ricky who still years later have yet to see payment for their services.  I recently learned of yet another entertainer who was not paid.   

Schools have been contacted at least and surrounding competitors are aware of their actions.   Again if you are an entertainer and have been contacted by Rick Beck or anyone else acting on behalf within the AZ Ultra School Fundraising company,, BEWARE!