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    DALE K

    Although their eyes are shut and bodies relaxed the volunteers are wide awake with open imaginations. It's at this point that Dale K introduces the power of suggestion in an always humorous and unconventional manner. His suggestions allow the volunteers to unleash hidden confidence and talents that propel them into the spotlight for the entire show.

    A favorite for many is the close of the show. You will laugh along with the volunteers when each one clearly remembers their remarkable actions from onstage. It's a sight to be seen and always one of the most unforgettable elements of the show. The volunteers leave with an exciting rush of adrenaline just like broadway performers, professional athletes or rock stars experience. You and the audience will leave with a sore jaw from non-stop laughter and memories that you will be talking about forever.

    One of the keys to the popularity of Dale K is his versatile ability to entertain a wide demographic in an assortment of venues. When required Dale customizes his performances with school themes, corporate mission statements, current events and pop culture.
    In addition to his one-man show, Dale K performs a full multimedia experience. This show involves theatrical lighting and staging, full audio and video projection.


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