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    Comedy Hypnotist

    Dale K

    For two decades, Dale K has entertained and educated audiences around the World – in venues from Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas to Disney Cruise Line on the high seas – with his contemporary approach to the art of hypnosis.


    Hollywood’s fabricated theory of hypnosis usually involves lightning bolts, zombie like trances and humans clucking like chickens. During his performances, Dale challenges these theories proving that hypnosis is simply the power of suggestion that consists of mind “motivation” rather than mind “control”. Using his creative abilities and abstract sense of humor, Dale K produces hypnosis events that are professional, unconventional and always hilarious. Just one of the many reasons why Dale K is a popular “Must See” favorite with universal appeal and a yearly tour schedule of over 100 cities Worldwide.


    A Hypnosis Consultant for NBC and the SyFy Network, Dale will show you just how Powerful Your Imagination Is!


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