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    Mr. James started as a ventriloquist but found that neither he nor the dummy were verbally funny…so he taught himself pantomime. While completing his degree in the media arts and a minor in education, he worked in a magic store. It was a few years later that he put together his favorite areas of each of the arts, and with audience participation, developed his award-winning act.

    He is presently based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is not married. He says he’s waiting until he can afford a really good wife.
    Yes, he can juggle, but prefers not to. For enjoyment, he plays the guitar, although he says the only instrument he knows how to play is the tape recorder.
    Europe, Japan, Australia, and Canada are a few of the countries he’s traveled to, in addition to the 48 contiguous states.
    He has been performing professionally for over 15 years now, writing all his own material. He continues to create new material and programs.

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