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    Dr. Angela Funovits is an award-winning supernatural entertainer, speaker, and medical doctor.  For over a decade she has demonstrated the ability to accurately read thoughts, influence others, and even shift or shatter objects from across the room.  Launched into the international spotlight by her starring role on NBC’s Phenomenon as well as television specials in Germany, Japan, France, Korea, and Canada, her signature demonstrations of magic and mentalism have been witnessed by millions of astonished viewers all over the world.  
    Magic Magazine calls Funovits "An original mind-bending mentalist... a performer on the mentalist scene whose rise to stardom has been nothing short of phenomenal."  Indeed, Funovits is a highly esteemed performer in both the magic community and in mainstream entertainment, and has been named among the most elite live entertainers by Corporate Entertainer Magazine.  Furthermore, she has been lauded for her intensive experience working in diverse performance settings, which offers clients a combination of flexibility and reliability.  
    Following her first appearance in Europe, famed paranormalist Uri Geller predicted on national television that Funovits would be "the first female mystifier to conquer the world."  With an undying passion for performance and rave reviews from even the toughest of critics, one thing is for certain: Funovits delivers a world-class presentation no matter where her talents take her.  

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