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    Alfred and Seymour (aka The BlackStreetBoyz) are two grown men that dress alike, have never been in the Boy Scouts, can’t play sports and can’t sing.  But they ARE one of the most hilarious comedy duos you'll ever see. They have a standard of excellence that meets the criteria of ANY audience, young or old.


    Brought up poor in a rough neighborhood in the ghettos of Beverly Hills, CA (actually they hail from Denver, CO, but that's another story), Alfred and Seymour) are actually cousins. They have been seen on the "Tonight Show", "Friday Night Videos" on NBC, Nickelodeon's "Kenan and Kal", and "Hangin' With Mr Cooper". Do you remember the hit TV series, "Roundhouse" on Nickelodeon? Well, it was a bunch of years ago and the Boyz were really young, but they were on that show about a million times.


    Did you see the movie, "Fair Game"? Yep, they were in that, too. Maybe you saw the American Express commercial with Alfred and Seymour, or the Pepsi commercial. Or, maybe the Bud Light and Sketchers commercials. In each, Alfred and Seymour were featured.


    If you had been, or are, in the Armed Forces, then you probably saw them LIVE on one of the USO Tours giving the "Boys Abroad" a few laughs while on R&R.  You can also catch Alfred and Seymour performing throughout the year on famous cruise ships.  Bon Voyage!  And get the family ready for an unforgettable, side-splitting event everyone will remember for years to come.


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