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    Comedy Magician

    David Williamson

    Considered to be one of the world’s most talented magicians, David Williamson knows the secret of capturing the imagination of any audience. A born showman and an unusually accomplished sleight of hand artist, David dazzles audiences with a unique and delightful brand of entertainment, blending heart-stopping magic with sidesplitting hilarity.


    Williamson has been featured on ABC's “Champions of Magic,” where he appeared with Princess Stephanie as he performed his miracles at different locations in and around Monaco. He has also co-starred in several top-rated primetime network specials including CBS' “Magicians' Favorite Magicians,” NBC's “Houdini: Unlocking His Mysteries” and NBC's “World's Greatest Magic III.” He was seen recently on The CW's “Masters of Illusion” TV series.


    In 1981, Williamson won first place in the International Brotherhood of Magicians' sleight-of-hand competition. That year he also became the first-ever recipient of the prestigious Gold Cups “Award of Excellence” in close-up magic. He was voted "Sleight-of-Hand Magician of the Year" two years in a row by his peers at Hollywood's renowned Magic Castle. He was also twice awarded the "Magic Castle Lecturer of the Year" and the "Magic Castle Parlor Magician of the Year.” Williamson was voted "Most Wanted Magician" at the 2003 FISM convention in Den Haag and was recently honored with the Performance Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences at the Magic Castle.


    As host of the United Kingdom's acclaimed television series “The Magic Comedy Strip,” his irresistible mix of humor and skill helped make it one of the highest rated shows in the country. He has created illusions for and performed in several commercials and has developed TV shows for Walt Disney Productions and ABC, as well as consulting for illusionists David Copperfield's and David Blaine's TV specials. Most recently, Williamson appeared on PAX TV's “World Magic Awards Special” where he was awarded comedy magician of the year.


    His best-selling magic book, "Williamson's Wonders,” has been translated into three languages. His instructional DVDs "Sleight Of Dave,” “Dave 2" and "Magic Farm" are bestsellers worldwide. He is also a frequent favorite Guest Entertainer on Disney Cruise Line. Most recently, Williamson appeared as the Ringmaster in “Circus 1903” in Las Vegas.


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